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Easy Process of Moving an Antique Clock Easily
Door: Sandyrims(lid)
Datum: 12:02:26 20-11-2017
Stuur prive bericht

If you own an antique clock that was gifted by your grandmother, then there is no doubt at all that you will be really happy with the prized possession. You have fond memories attached with it. However, if you are planning to move your house from Gurgaon to Mumbai, then you may have to face an uphill task of shifting the clock damage free to the new location. To ensure the safe transportation of the clock, it is necessary that you must avail some expert help of the top movers and packers in Gurgaon. They have all the experience in the world to relocate the clock in a well planned manner.

There may be the chances that because of the limited budget constraint, you have to put on hold the idea of hiring movers and packers service providers. However, this does not mean that you cannot move the clock. You can shift it by keeping the below mentioned points into the consideration:

Remove the pendulum of the clock first
It is a very important point that must not be missed at all. The Gurgaon packers and movers service providers advice that you must remove the pendulum of the clock first to ensure it does not gets damaged. Take out some newspaper or bubble wraps to pack the pendulum because it is a very delicate item. Make sure that you pack it in a sealed moving box.

Discard the weights
If the clock runs through the chains, then you must make it a point to either discard or remove them. When you are removing the chains, then you can take the help of the packers and movers service providers to pack them nicely because if any one of the chains gets damaged, then your clock will stop running. If you are packing the chains by yourself, then make sure that tie them nicely and pack them in a well planned manner.

Remove the glass pieces from the clock
Suppose, you have to relocate the items in few months time to new location after reaching Mumbai. Again, you have to go through the cumbersome process of relocating the clock. If shifting is to be made on an immediate basis, then it is important that sanity must prevail and hire the services of the top movers and packers in Mumbai for the damage free shifting of the clock.

Hence, if these points are taken into the consideration and most importantly you secure the services of the best movers and packers companies, then there is no doubt at all that your prized possession will remain safe.

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